Katherine Madej


Client Care

Katherine started her vet nursing career in a busy general practice. After a year abroad working with wildlife she returned to Perth and decided to make the move to PVE after being inspired by a past interaction with Dr Penny treating a friend’s pet in an emergency.

Katherine has a passion for patient care, however her focus at PVE is to care for the families who visit PVE. She understands the stress that can be involved in an emergency visit to the vet, and goes out of her way to make each experience as smooth as possible.

In her spare time, Katherine is heavily involved with a number of different charitable organisations for wildlife conservation. In Perth she is a part of the Jane Goodall Institute which aims to help animals, people and the environment around the world. She also spends as much of her free time as possible in Africa involved in research projects, antipoaching and wildlife rehabilitation and monitoring.

She is due to complete her Masters in Wildlife Health and Conservation in 2019.