Dr Stephanie Pattison

​BSc, BVMS, MANZCVS (Emergency and Critical Care)

Senior Veterinarian

Dr Stephanie Pattison was always drawn to spending time with animals. From a young age she knew she wanted to pursue a career working with animals so upon completing school she moved to Australia to study veterinary medicine.

On completion of her degree, Stephanie remained in Perth and worked in general practice for less than a year before crossing paths with Perth Vet Emergency. From that moment, she’s never looked back! Stephanie commenced an internship in emergency and critical care in 2013 and obtained Membership with the ANZCVS in the Emergency & Critical Care chapter in 2014.

Stephanie is passionate about developing a relationship with clients, even if it’s for a very short time, and especially if they’re “a fellow crazy cat lady!” She enjoys the bustle of emergency medicine and describes working at PVE as “working with my friends who all want to practice the same very high quality medicine we all expect for each other’s pets, as well as a high quality client care.”

Stephanie’s passion for felines extends to her having developed a close relationship with Cat Haven. She works the occasional shift with the organisation consulting cat owners as well as performing desexing procedures.

Socialising with friends and making time with her husband are an important part of Stephanie’s work life balance. She also enjoys camping, reading, travelling and tea. She loves tea as much as she loves cats!

As a self-confessed “crazy cat lady” Stephanie’s pets include Bear Cat, her number one whose one love is food. “He’s a big fuzzball Persion cross who tolerates my love and breathes heavily in the corner of a room to tell me when he is hungry – which is pretty much all the time. Biggie Smalls is another member of the family, recently adopted and described as the smallest rescue Chihuahua puppy Stephanie has ever seen. Both pets found Stephanie while she was working at PVE and are cherished members of the family.