​Feline Life Saver

Feline Life Saver

Boris is serious about two things in life: Being as furry as possible, and saving lives. Boris has found his way to PVE from the Cat Haven, and has enjoyed the life a hero ever since.

Boris is particularly special because of his blood type. Only 10% of the cat population is type B, but those B’s must rely on cats like Boris for life saving transfusions. Being rare makes his type very hard to find, and we think he’s a total keeper!

Boris enjoys the finer things in life; perching on benches, watching hospital patients eat their chicken dinners, and of course begging for food. He is one of those fine fellows that prefers to be nearby his human companions but takes a while to get to know you. You’ll know if he has decided you are his true friend, as you’ll be covered in very large quantities of grey fur!