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What We Do and Who We Are

Talitha Rogers   RVN    BSc in Molecular Biology

As a child, Talitha was focused on saving and nursing stray and injured animals from slaters to earthworms, birds, lizards, or her family’s menagerie of animals.

Talitha initially had grand dreams of being a musical theatre performer but her love for animals was a far greater passion. She worked in general practice for 7 years and returned to university to further her passion for saving animals by studying conservation biology. During her second year of studies, the microbiology “bug” took over and she transferred to molecular biology with a second major in biological sciences with special interests in biochemistry and metabolism.

Talitha’s areas of interest in veterinary nursing are Emergency & Critical Care as well as Intensive Care. “I feel that nurses have a particularly important role in ECC and ICU where patients are acutely unwell and scared. We have to balance prioritising their clinical care while giving great consideration to their welfare and comfort in an unfamiliar environment. The best I can offer my patients is upstanding nursing care while ensuring they feel safe and loved during their stay at PVE. Each patient is unique, requiring time and understanding to help them during their hospital experience. I have a strong interest in behavioural management and the special care required for anxious and fear aggressive patients.”

PVE has been a family for Talitha from the moment she commenced employment. She credits this to the shared focus by her colleagues to make patient welfare and care in hospital a positive experience while providing the highest standard of clinical care.
Talitha is currently completing her Honours Degree in Molecular Biology with a focus to continue on to her PhD in Metabolism and Biochemistry. She has volunteered in Thailand at an elephant rescue sanctuary and is the founder and administrator of the Facebook group Lost and Found Pets in Perth.

In her very limited spare time, Talitha enjoys being active by running, cycling and training aerial acrobatics. She has performed with circuses and trained aerial skills for many years. She also enjoys her down time playing ukulele, hanging out with her partner in crime, Paul, and their dogs.

Her pets include Gravey (AKA The Tectonic Plate) a Mastiff x Staghound. He’s a special guy who suffers badly from anxiety who has developed fear aggression as a result of being attacked on lead several times. “He’s a teddy bear at home and we put extensive efforts into managing his issues to reduce his stress and maximise his quality of life. He attends special ‘reactive rover’ classes and takes daily medication to help ease some of his struggles.”

Gravey has a fur-sibling called Sonic (AKA Razor Beak Sonic), a Greyhound x Ridiculous. Sonic was abandoned at 2 weeks of age with his Greyhound mum and dad. He was separated from his family and sent to a rescue foster care where he was adopted by Talitha at 8 weeks. “He was malnourished, had no fur and was covered in pustules. He is now a strapping, tall and handsome man with a bald head (his fur never quite filled in) who is placid with all animals of any shape or size. He is the most well behaved dog you will ever meet. Sonic sets the rules at home and slaps us to demand attention. For all his demanding, he is actually a giant scaredy-dog who is afraid of floors, reversing his way through the entire house.

Gravey and Sonic are also in the company of three feathered friends. Elton and Pterodactyl, two Rainbow Lorikeets, and Captain Jack the Indian Ringneck.

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