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The Perth Vet Emergency Team

What We Do and Who We Are

Shawn Lynch   Cert IV Vet Nursing

Shawn felt the calling to be an emergency veterinary nurse one telling night while he was working as a kennel hand. While tending to a patient’s bedding, they ‘crashed’ (industry term for sudden deterioration) and Shawn was in awe as the team resuscitated the patient before his very eyes. Shawn hasn’t looked back since and has now been working as an emergency and critical care veterinary nurse for over 10 years.

Shawn’s passion for critical patient care includes knowing the absolute ins and outs of every aspect of a patient as well as their injury or illness. The rewarding aspect is watching their progress while helping them to recover from their ordeal.

A common theme for PVE staff when asked why they love working at PVE is “The Team” and this is true for Shawn as well. “The PVE team are my second family. They are all caring, inspiring and eager to feed my curiosity and teach my ever wanting mind.”

In his spare time, Shawn loves to be active exploring the outdoors with his wife and two boys. This includes mountain biking, hiking, camping, or reading fantasy novels if he has a quiet moment to himself.

Shawn’s furbabies include Fenris a Kelpie-X who was rescued from an abuse case. “She has the biggest most loving heart and is an amazing companion to my boys who trust and love her immensely.”

There are also three cats. Chelsea who was abandoned and hand reared by Shawn, Odysseus another who was abandoned at a vet clinic, and CJ who was young stray that came to shelter outside Shawn’s window during a thunderstorm and has been with the family since. All three cats are the best of friends who like to sleep stacked on top of Shawn’s sons much to their pleasure.

Oh, and there’s also 6 cheeky chickens in the family. “They just like to dig up my lawn. That pretty much sums them up!”

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