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The Perth Vet Emergency Team

What We Do and Who We Are

Dr Louise Cubbage   BSc (Hons)    MA    VetMB    MRCVS

Dr Louise Cubbage had her eyes set on becoming a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. She has an inquisitive mind and finds biology fascinating, particularly the biology of disease and how to manipulate natural processes to gain the end result of a healthy animal. The challenge of helping a sick, sad animal to become healthy and happy ignites Dr Cubbage. She believes being a vet is her calling and a way to make a difference in both animals’ and peoples’ lives.

Louise graduated from Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital in Cambridge UK (2014) and went straight into a small animal general practice position. She then travelled to Australia for three months which convinced her to make the move. “I decided I wanted to transition from general practice to emergency medicine which is why I applied for the intern position at PVE.”

Louise takes pride in customer care and being as supportive and empathetic as possible to stressed and worried clients. She particularly enjoys surgical cases and finds ophthalmic and neurological cases interesting. She’s also known to get excited when wildlife is presented as she still finds the Australian fauna to be exotic.

“I love the challenge of working in emergency medicine. I love the variety and not knowing what will come through the door next. I love being able to help extremely sick patients get better and the PVE team are fabulous. It’s a fantastically supportive working environment.”

In her spare time Louise enjoys travelling, hiking, horse riding, surfing, camping, playing and listening to music, photography, birdwatching, spinning poi and reading. She misses her 15 year old naughty-tortie ‘Smoki-Jo’ who is at home in the UK with Louise’s Mum. “She’s a blue cream tortoiseshell who is extremely vocal and increasingly cuddly and needy as she’s getting older. I haven’t any pets of my own in Australia but fortunately my housemate has two delightful Labradors I get to enjoy instead.”

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