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Found A Baby Bird?

What to do if you find a fledgling on the ground

Spring is here and so begins the joy of young birds leaving the nest to learn how to fly. We’re not being anecdotal. This is actually happening. At this time of year, young birds are learning to fly and unfortunately, they don’t always get...

Perth Vet Emergency Are Recruiting Vets!

Perth Vet Emergency (PVE) in Yokine (North Perth) is growing and we would love some more Veterinarians to join our team!

Perth Vet Emergency (PVE) in Yokine (North Perth) is growing and we would love some more Veterinarians to join our team! Expand your knowledge, be mentored by a team of experienced emergency veterinarians with advanced qualifications, and enhance your...

Restraining Dogs In Cars

Buckle up in the front, buckle up in the back, and buckle up your pets too

Your pet is your best mate. So it makes sense to ensure they’re safely secured when they come along for a drive in your car or ute. However the sad reality is, few owners take precautions for their pet’s safety and we treat patients of...

What Is Vestibular Disease In Pets?

Diagnosing and treating Idiopathic Vestibular Disease

Pets with Vestibular Disease present with symptoms like those of brain injuries or strokes in humans. There are a number of causes of this disease that can include inner ear infections, some ear medications, antibiotics, tumours, meningitis, nasal polyps,...

Can I Give My Dog Panadol?

Keep pets away from Paracetamol at all costs

Pet owners giving their furbabies unprescribed medication can be very dangerous. An example of this is paracetamol - a common ‘human’ pain reliever available over the counter which can cause life threatening illness in dogs and cats. Medications...

Garfield Wounded From A Cat Fight

Veterinary treatment for his infection

Garfield is a solitary cat who lives alone with his humans. His days consist or resting, grooming himself, relaxing on the lounge room shelves, eating and relaxing in the shade on the front lawn. He never ventures from his yard and is known to be a ‘scaredy...

Cats With Cat Fight Wounds

Are a high risk of infection

Cats will be cats and wounds from fights with other felines are common. Some wounds are obvious but others are disguised by matted fur or well hidden beneath a lustrous coat. It’s important to note that even the most insignificant of scratches may...

Cats Wanted For the PVE Blood Donor Program

Your cat can save patient’s lives

Many diseases and traumas can result in life-threatening anaemia (low red blood cell number). When this occurs, veterinarians need blood donations from pets registered on the PVE Blood Donor Program.  Unlike human and dog blood, cat blood cannot...

Emergency Planning For Perth’s Pets

Be prepared for when disaster strikes

It’s important to be prepared when emergent situations such as a bushfire or cyclone occurs. Your pet’s welfare should also be considered in these instances so it is important you have an emergency kit at the ready for your pet as well as...

The Patients Of Perth Vet Emergency

Stories about our patients and their treatment

Perth Vet Emergency is an emergency and critical care hospital for companion animals. We take great pride in the articles we develop to help educate pet owners and give them the facts from the experts in emergency veterinary medicine. Here is our list...